Electrical-Electronics Engineering (EN)

Our Department
Electrical and electronics engineering is a profession that covers the design, development,
production, test, installation, administration and maintenance processes of electric energy
production, transmission and distribution systems; electronic instrumentation, control and
automation systems, telecommunication systems and other electrically operated systems or devices.
Very low-power and high speed microcircuits and nanocircuits, which are at sizes of micrometers and
nanometers, are also in the scope of this profession.
Systems that are developed to make our daily lives safer and more comfortable are generally realizedwith
the contributions, innovations and developments in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.
The curriculum of our department is prepared such that to educate engineers who can keep up with
the rapid improvements in science and technology, having the necessary knowledge and skills to
compete in national and foreign working areas, able to work individually and also have teamwork
skills, to adopt the importance of life-long learning, to obey the ethical rules, and to have sense of
responsibility.In the name of our department.
I wish all our students success during their educations and in business life after their graduations.
Head of Department
Burhan Demir Öner