Software Engineering (EN)

Software Engineering is applying engineering concepts, techniques and methodologies for developing software systems. The need of engineering approach for software development has been noticed in 1968 during NATO conference. This conference has provided an acceleration to develop solid, reliable, secure methodologies which enables to create high quality software in a systematical, controlled and effective way. 
In the middle of 1980’s, many master of software engineering programs has appeared. In many cases, these programs has followed the model proposed by the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University).In addition to that, master programs provides an expertise choice for the software practitioners who already determined a career path. On the other hand, undergraduate program prepares young individuals to start their career as a successful software engineer.
Software Engineering program at Maltepe University has been developed by following the basic steps suggested at the IEEE/ACM SE Cirruculum guidelines 2004 project. While developing the program, the needs of the software applications in Turkey and constraints are taken into consideration.